Wallets for Water is a not-for-profit retail apparel & accessories company created with a single goal in mind. We want to END the global water crisis by raising capital through product sales and direct fundraising to build wells all across the globe. Welcome to our online store!


Now you can purchase with purpose as we introduce our first line of wallets created from repurposed neckties, the Tie Wallet. Every purchase will provide clean water for people in Sub-Saharan Africa in desperate need of HOPE.

Christmas Wallets Are Here!

  • You can donate hope

    4,000 CHILDREN die every single day because they don’t have access to the basic necessity of clean water. We've decided this is NOT ACCEPTABLE, so we're doing something about this tragedy in every way we can.

    In addition to a portion of the proceeds from each wallet purchased, EVERY DOLLAR we raise in direct fundraising goes to help build wells in Sub-Saharan Africa.


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Everybody needs a wallet. Every wallet gives HOPE.

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